Experimental things

After sitting in week 2’s lecture on Mobile, Wearables and VR Filmmaking I realised that I have actually done more experimental things over the years than I originally thought. I haven’t for a while though but I am going to fix that.  I apologise for next week in advance!

Lone Train 

I was on a train all day… I filmed it… I was on my own.
The idea of the project was to create something unplanned and unstructured with the idea of ‘point and go’.  I covered the screen/ viewfinder on the camera and strapped it to the shoulder of my bag, so the 1st time that even I saw the footage was during the editing.

Morag the RC car

I built an RC car (rather I modded a Nikko Vaporiser RCC) with a GoPro mounted on the front. I have done quite a few things with this over the years but none of it ever really made it to YouTube, including the time I drove it on a frozen canal where it subsequently fell in…

I will drive it to class next week.

GoPro Kite test

In a very early attempt to get a camera into the skies I put my GoPro on a stunt kite and took it to the beach. It didn’t go well – as you can see from the footage.  After this I strapped the camera to a better kite in a park, and then to an RC helicopter.

Since none of this really did what I wanted it to, in 2015 I went on to complete my UAQ drone license for sub 20kg drones.




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