“Award-winning troublemaker. Unapologetic Pop culture enthusiast. Subtly charming problem solver. TV industry wannabe. Really needs to learn to grow up.”  [Rachelle 2016]

Rachelle has been working freelance since 2010 in many forms of digital marketing, under the two separate titles of RachelleMoose.com for the more video and creative based work and Moose-Productions.com for corporate and larger scale projects.   Alongside this she has a strong educational background with a BA(Hons) in Digital Media, a DipHE in Film and Media Studies and is now working towards an MSc in Audio, Video and Social Technologies. Rachelle also has a commercial drone pilot license for sub 20kg UAVs.

With over 10 years of radio experience from commercial to podcasting, Rachelle has had successful shows on ICRfm, BCBfm, BVCRfm and RamAir, as well as working as a Marketing manager for RamAir and later as Station Manager. For Town102 Rachelle acted as studio technician and presenter for outside broadcasts during the Breakfast show and drive time. Now she creates and presents ‘Hello My Name is Podcast’, a film and media based podcast (currently on hiatus due to studying).  Never one to shy away from work, Rachelle has worked for a number of large scale organisations including the University of Bradford, Universal Student Living (student accommodation provider with over 30,000 beds across the UK), Manning Stainton (Yorkshire’s largest estate agent) in a number of roles including events management, digital marketing and digital media creation.