The photo below shows the contents of my bag during the first RET lecture.  It’s important to know two things:

1- my phone is in my hand taking the photo

2- I packed light and this bag is missing a bullet journal and a fiction book of some sort

With that out of the way, I’d say it looks pretty average; I guess there isn’t much to say about it.


That is unless you really start to think about it, really look at what I have in the bag and then you can discover a lot more about me.

To start with there is the bag itself: messenger bag style, easy to fit a laptop in (but there isn’t one here) and with a small logo on the front which is a ‘d20’ with the phrase ‘bag of holding’ – something all the cool kids know is a Dungeons & Dragons reference:

A bag of holding is a fictional magical item in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, capable of containing objects larger than its own size. Since its introduction, it has appeared in other media.More information

Then you have an A4 note book, an iPad in a heavyweight case and an assortment of pens – I mean this is a lecture after all – my iPod Classic which was taken out the case for this photo and two portable chargers – because I need to have charge in my phone at least for work, and I like to have my iPod/Pad charged as well. The chocolate is pretty self explanatory considering it’s 2pm on a Friday and I am suffering with the onset of a cold/freshers flu which is why I have cold and flu tablets herewith my ever trusty inhaler (no self respecting geek is complete without a physical ability-limiting condition). Lastly my wallet which has BATMAN on it (officially licensed DC merchandise from the 1989 batman film, which for the record I don’t actually like).

I feel that gives a rather large amount about me away and there are some definite conclusions you could make from the contents of my bag. I would be interested to analyse the contents of someone else’s bag and maybe I will in a future blog post.  Actually maybe that’s a bit too creepy…