POV Music Video

A band that I worked with wanted a music video to embody a 90’s feel, as well as show how a good time in a pub is not without its unfortunate after effects (the “Monday Comedown”).

I came up with the concept below, which used a GoPro on a head mount.  As the model had WiFi control and viewing it meant that I could direct and watch the action from out of shot at all times.

The video was influenced by the Prodigy video for Smack My Bitch up, although the one I made is admittedly a little bit more PG13!


Experimental things mkII

There was too much for one post – whilst the first looked primarily at the idea of traveling, this one is the random crap left over. Enjoy…

Laser Tag

I really enjoy laser tag and I turned the nightclub venue (capacity 1300) into a laser tag venue for the weekend. I made this possible by hiring in UV lighting to supplement that already in the venue, then renting the laser tag kits. To make this most effective I ran a ‘UV rave’ themed event for the weekly student disco then had a new set of staff come in at 5am and turn the venue from a nightclub to a laser tag playground and I also made use of the wall hangings from the ‘Infest’ events to block out the windows and add to the general aesthetics.

The video above uses a GoPro strapped to a laser tag gun for a 20 minute session (test phase for staff) which I then condensed into a 3 minute short video. There was hope to film more later but it got busy and I never had the time 😦

360 time lapse

This looks extremely dated and was filmed by students, with the exception of the GoPro footage at the 2-ish minute mark. A GoPro set on an egg timer taking a photo every second for an hour leads to some cool effects. In this case it was an apple shaped egg timer and lots of gaffer tape holding everything in place.  Since then I have improved on this with a lighter camera (the Hero 2 upgraded to the Hero 3 Black Edition) and gone through 12 different egg timer models – finally stopping on the one I have now which is a flat topped IKEA model with a magnetic base.

I also used this style of event capture at Fresher’s Fayres and other events, including graduation ceremonies.

Live Music Recording

When I was a sabbatical officer at the University of Bradford I did many strange and wonderful things with my time, but a standard thing was running live music events. This saw me learning (and subsequently teaching a group of students) to run a mixing desk for live band nights where each night had two supports and then the lead act. The drum kit belonged to the venue so only the breakables came with the band which made setting up far quicker every event. Sound checking was done for the main act before opening, while the support act had a live soundcheck just before their set.

“Party on the Amp is our huge end of year event featuring huge live acts, DJs, a fairground food stalls and more.

Party on the Amp is a huge free day festival on the amphitheatre featuring the best in student performers, acoustic acts, local bands and big headliners, but make sure you grab your wristband to get you access to our fairground and to our huge after party with three rooms of music, DJs and three great acts performing on our main stage.”


[TDTDJ from a gig at Bradford SU in November of 2011]

For Party On The Amp 2012 I wanted to do something really impressive (more so than in past years) so I put the stage on the roof and arranged for more commercial acts to perform. Below is the full set (including first track soundcheck) for the band That Drummer That DJ. The feed is taken from the master channel of the desk via an Edirol 203.

EDIT: Youtube is a pain in the butt and says no to the video. Dropbox link here

Online Presence

All things considered, my name is relatively unique.  Unfortunately, there are *some* people in the world with the same name and two of them have jobs that give them a need for rather prolific online presences: one is a professional violinist and the other is a sex and well-being therapist from Texas.


As you can see I only feature in two images on a name search, but it is worth noting that my LinkedIn profile image does come up quite high.

This is something I discovered a few years ago and addressed in order to stand out more as a professional entity in online media. I use the handle Rachelle Moose or Rachelle ‘Moose’ Hunt which gives me a considerably more unique identity and makes me much easier to find – as demonstrated in the below images which come up when you use the new search term.